Men raped and abused 1592 women and 221 men in Rutshuru territory 2013

According to a recent report published by the local commission against sexual and gender based violence; 1592 women and 221 men were raped or sexually abused during 2013 in Rutshuru, eastern DR Congo.

According to the report, the majority of victims are women and girls; 87,8% are women and 12, 2% are men.

24.7% were abused in the bush, 15.8% at home, 14.7% in the farm and 3.4% on the road.

Perpetrators are made of 182 civilians and 575 armed people.

In addition to this sexual abuses 148 domestic violence have been reported.

Rutshuru territory need our attention because it has recorded many incidents since January 2013.